John lives with his wife Dorothy in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. 

After 25 years in the Corporate world, John decided to leave his executive position to pursue something different;something where he could add value and contribute to the broader community.

John decided that whatever business he would run, serving the community, as opposed to making profit, would be his primary motive.

John started doing some free lance consultancy for a couple of years before setting up Tasty Food & Spices in the year 2016. The business was all about selling locally sourced pure honey and maple syrup products in GTA with the objective of supporting local Ontario farmers and provide quality & healthy products to customers in GTA.

In addition to honey and maple syrup, John has expanded his business to include more products and services to beekeepers, farmers and consumers.

 The company is now run as social enterprise where profit is not the motive but to work for the greater cause of society.

Together, let's support our local farmers, local charities, and our bodies with locally produced, high quality natural products. With each and every purchase of a product from Tasty Food & Spices you help bring this mission to life.


John Castelino wearing English Shepherd logo

John Castelino wearing English Shepherd logo