BeeKeeping Equipment & Supplies

We supply following beekeeping supplies and equipments for local and export market. 

Pine Hive Equipment

Cedar Hive Equipment

Nuc Equipment

Frames & Foundations

Beekeeping clothing

Beekeeping Tools

The wood used is Canadian pine or cedar 

Deep Hive Box and frames

Deep Hive Box and frames

Deep or Medium Bee Hive box - Pine or Cedar

 Made in Canada with 7/8″ thick pine or cedar lumber. Standard Langstroth sizes and comes with dovetail corner joints and a large easy to grip handle. Also available stained or painted and assembled with frames and foundation installed.


Deep and Medium Wooden Frames and Standard Inner Cover

Deep and Medium Wooden Frames and Standard Inner Cover

Frames Deep or Medium and standard hive inner cover

Available in white and black pine. The top bars are 3/4" thick and the bottom bars are securely jointed with additional centre mortise and tenon.

Canadian made inner cover will fit the standard 10 frame Langstroth bee hive boxes. It comes assembled with the 2″ hole in the centre and has a deeper overhang so one does not crush as many bees when putting this lid on the hive. This cover will last for a long time.

Standard Hive Top Cover

Standard Hive Top Cover

Standard hive top cover

This heavy duty Made in Canada hive top comes assembled and is ready to protect your bees winter and summer! It will fit on the standard Langstroth 10 frame bee hive and is made with 7/8″ thick western red cedar lumber and a galvanized metal top.