Speciality Food - your Style

We all love to eat, and food is available everywhere from the kitchen of our homes to street vendors, cafes, quick service restaurants and fine dining.

There is plenty of choice for food when it comes to restaurants, local, ethnic, international, fusion et al, and experimenting all, we still love our home food, our mothers cooking!

At Tasty Food & Spices, we recognized the needs of our customers who love home prepared food that is not commercially prepared thereby not loosing the freshness of ingredients and preparation.

Our objective is to promote healthy food and eating habits amongst our busy community who are tired of eating greasy and oily substance and are craving for home prepared food.

Our food is suited to singles, couples, students who do not have time to prepare their food but would like to sit together and have a home style tasty meal to their hearts content.

We can customize our preparation to the dietary requirement of our customers as well.

We are small time business and do not take big orders or do commercial catering, hence we are able to maintain the taste and preparation true to home style! 

Place your order now and taste our food, we bet, you will not regret!