English Shepherd

Dear Customers,

By your support, we did an excellent job on raising awareness about “save the bees” campaign and about “health benefits” of natural and pure honey.

Over the past two years, we worked extensively with our consumers, explaining to them the benefits and importance of consuming pure honey, regularly as part of one's diet, especially our youth. During these two years, products worth more than CA $2,000 were offered as samples, free gifts and to charity.

We received excellent feedback from our consumers on quality, taste, purity, and testimonies on better health results. Many have given up refined sugar and are using honey instead.

While setting up this company, profit was not our objective as we wanted to run our organization as social enterprise, where we would use our revenues and profits for the greater cause of community.

Still to strike big and increase our reach, it is going to be a long journey due to limited resources at our disposal.

With lot of overheads to manage and to sustain “Tasty Food & Spices Inc” as social enterprise, we have expanded our business to clothing and accessories. We have branded our business as “English Shepherd” for we are fond of animals and would like to carry the message through our products.

If you have ever think of us, please visit our online store https://www.englishshepherd.ca

Tell your family and friends about us.

Thank you for your patronage

John Castelino