Support Organic


Nowadays there are only a few number of farmers and beekeepers that are organic. Not  because no one is interested in organic farming, the fact being there are only few areas left that are free from pollution or pesticides.

In every country there are small group of farmers, beekeepers, environmentalists that are committed to organic farming. Organic farming is labour intensive and require lot of care to ensure products don't get diseased or infected or if infected, treated with natural substance versus pesticides.

We need to support this group in whichever way we could, either by buying their products or raising awareness to the general public about the food that we consume.

Today's world we are experiencing rapid expansion of construction activities that pollute land and water bodies.

Although many countries especially in the West have strong codes to regulate industries and construction activities from polluting the environment, the sheer growth of population and economic activities increases pollution levels in various regions.

It is time that governments of all countries step up to protect environment and crops from pollution and pesticides.

Tasty Food & Spices Inc. is a social enterprise with a difference. Started in 2016 with the objective of supporting local beekeepers & farmers and raising awareness of bees and their role in pollinating crops.#savethebees #buylocal #tastyfoodandspices #businesswithdifference