We assist beekeepers, maple syrup producers and other food manufacturers in CFIA inspection for federal registration

  • Perform a complete walkthrough of the existing facility, identify gaps and recommend actions before CFIA inspection
  • Assist in the registration of your establishment and  help comply with the requirements and implementation of all programs required by CFIA
  • Develop remediation action plan for any identified infractions by CFIA inspector
  • Complete all required forms and develop documentations for all prerequisite programs and coordinate with CFIA for inspection and registration.

Types of inspection that we assist the establishment to comply with

In depth inspection - includes inspecting all aspects of the establishment where inspection tasks from chapter 4 and chapter 5 of CFIA manual are assessed

Follow up inspection - where an establishment has not achieved the minimum compliance level during in depth inspection. We step in to help the establishment to take corrective / remedial actions and develop the action plan and help set up timelines

Good manufacturing practices inspection  for packing and pasteurizing establishments to incorporate selective tasks from the program along with remediation of infractions noted during previous in depth inspection

Our Step by step Process 

  • Visit your facility to view  existing process and take photographs of facility and surroundings
  • Provide you with an Excel checklist template that will help us to assess your business
  • Make a second visit to perform gap analysis and advise remediation
  • Work on a timeline to fix all gaps
  • Develop documentation and assist in implementation of all prerequisite programs for CFIA inspection
  • Apply for registration
  • Prepare for pre-registration inspection by CFIA
  • Develop remedial action plan for any identified infractions by inspector

The whole process can take anywhere between 1 to 6 months depending on how ready & compliant is your facility and operations


Our Fees

BeeKeepers, Maple Producers and Farmers

Since our sole objective is provide community service to beekeepers, maple producers and farmers,  we will charge very nominal fee to cover our transport, stationary and our time


Commercial Food Producers

We charge $40 per hour