Canada No 1 Maple Syrup

Canada No 1 Maple Syrup

Gallone Shaped Glass Bottle

This stylish gallone shaped glass bottle will surely attract customers when displayed on the shelves of supermarkets or food chain.

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Sizes 250ML, 500ML and 1 Litre

Grade  Canada No 1  Golden, Amber, Dark.

We can do custom labels with your company logo and name. Labels in Arabic can be printed for markets in the Middle East.

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Maple syrup in Traditional Packaging

Available in regular or leaf shape glass bottle. 

Sizes 250ML, 500ML and 1 Litre

Grade Canada No 1 Golden, Amber, Dark

Bulk Containers  #tastyfoodandspices #exports

Bulk Containers

#tastyfoodandspices #exports

bulk Containers

More safer handling and large packaging sizes available

Sizes available  4 Litre, 5 gallon, 18.9 litres and 45 gallon drums

Canada No 1 Golden, Amber and Dark