Why Buy from Tasty Food & Spices?

A. Canada produces 85% of world's Maple Syrup. Most of the producers are family owned farms, some dating back to 6 generations or more following the ancient Canadian practice of converting the natural sap extracted from maple trees into maple syrup.

B. The production process in most of the farms is manual and therefore authenticity, taste and purity of maple syrup is maintained, unlike industrialized version where purity could be compromised.

C. Tasty Food & Spices collaborates with local farmers and has developed a network of maple producers in Ontario where customers and suppliers are assured of quality and uninterrupted supply chain.

For export / import inquiries and pricing, please call John Castelino +1 (416) 988 3257 or email john@tastyfoodandspices.com

We do custom labels for markets around the globe


sales terms & conditions

Export orders require a valid purchase order and 50% advance Payment

All export order require a lead time of 30 days depending on the size of the order. Small order quantities can be dispatched within 15 days

The balance 50% should be cash against documents (CAD)